Saturday, December 27, 2008

Most People Don't...

"Most people don't expect you to undestand what we're going to tell you in this book. And even if you understand, the don't expect you to care. And even if you care, they don't expect you to do anything about it. And even if you do something about it, they don't expect it to last.

Well, we do."

This is how Alex and Brett start our journey to learn how to do hard things. "We believe our generation is ready to rethink what teens are capable of doing and becoming." The Harris brothers are not out to talk about a new fangled idea that they invented. They believe that this is something that God is doing in the hearts and minds of our generation. This book is about a movement that is changing the attitudes and actions of teens around the world: a movement that is about rebelling against the low standards of this world. Are you excited yet?

I look around at teens who have made a visible effort to separate themselves from the world. In order to be able to rebel against the low standards of this world, we must separate from the world. However, as we put off the world, we have to put on Christ. This is all about God, guys. We have to keep in mind through this book that this is not about ourselves or a radical new movement, or even about changing the world, necessarily. It's about bringing glory to Christ's name and spreading the AWESOME news of His saving grace! Alex and Brett give us a few radical questions to explore:

- Is it possible that even though teens today have more freedom than any other generation in history, we're actually missing out on some of the best years of our lives?

What this question is asking is it possible that even though teens are given more privileges by the world and are allowed to have "fun" because "they are teenagers", we are actually making our beds for our future life in adulthood?

- Is it possible that what our culture says about the purpose and potential of the teen years is a lie and that we are its victims?

The culture's view of the purpose and potential of the teen years is to have fun! To try new things and be who you want to be. But is that REALLY what the purpose of the teen years is?

- Is it possible that our teen years give us a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for huge accomplishments-- as individuals and as a generation?

Instead of the time in our life where we are all happy-go-lucky, could it be that we could change the thinking of the teen years instead?

- What would our lives look like if we set out on a different path entirely-- a path that required more effort but promised a lot more reward?

What if we tried to work for something more eternal and more rewarding, even though it may take a lot more effort and we may have to do hard things in order to get it?

This is what doing hard things for Christ is about. The more eternal reward is that of Christ and his glory, than for our temporary fun that could ruin our entire lives. In order to get this, we have to do hard things!! For the temporary fun, it's not too hard to get. But as Christian teens, we should strive for more than that. The temporary fun is not worth our time or trying. The eternal reward is worth all our efforts and trying.

What is doing hard things? Alex and Brett give an example of a cold monastery in Germany where monks constantly try to do hard things. They sleep on stone floors, wear extremely uncomfortable clothing, and eat sludge and lukewarm water. This is NOT what doing hard things is. The Harris brothers are challenging us to grab hold of a more exciting option for your teen years. They are not saying that if you work harder or make yourself more uncomfortable on purpose, God will love you more. That's not true. They are saying that we could redicover the way to reach higher goals, dream bigger, grow stronger in our spiritual life, love and honor God, live with with more joy, and quit wasting our lives.

That's all for now. I'll get Chapter 2 to ya soon!


Do Hard Things, by Alex and Brett Harris

Hey guys,

I trust that you all had an enjoyable Christmas. I sure did! One of the things I received from my parents is the book called "Do Hard Things" by Alex and Brett Harris. These boys are the younger twin brothers of Joshua Harris (I Kissed Dating Goodbye, Boy Meets Girl). I thought that I would do a series of posts on the book as I go through it. So far, I love it a lot. I hope you will enjoy hearing about it!


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wanna good laugh?

Check out these movies and more of Tim Hawkins. Tim Hawkins is a Christian comedian who was homeschooled. In his shows, he keeps his audience laughing with good clean humor that will crack you right up. Enjoy!!

Hope you enjoyed that as much as I did!


Monday, December 15, 2008

Samuel and Esther Smith need kidneys!!!

^^Samuel and his dad before his surgery on Friday^^

Hey everyone!

Some homeschooling friends of our family, the Smiths, have three children who have a rare genetically-recessive kidney disease, Juvenile Nephronophthisis, and retina pigmentosa, which together are called Senor-Loken Syndrome. Samuel was diagnosed first of all of the kids. His father donated one of his kidneys for Samuel. Unfortunately, complications during the surgery damaged the kidney and almost cost Samuel his life. After a long time of pain during recovery, he had kidney failure. A few days ago he had surgery for multiple hernias all along the incision line. He is recovering, but is in great pain right now. Please be praying for his encouragement. If you can, please share his story with your church families and please remember that he needs a kidney badly. Anyone who would like to see if they are a match for Samuel can contact his mom at If you wonder about what it's like to be a donor, you can contact my dad who donated his kidney last year to a friend of ours in NJ.

Second, Esther needs a kidney as well. Although not as severe as Samuel, she too has limited kidney function. She is in surgery today for a fistula. Pray that she will recover nicely as well. the Smiths are hoping that she will have a kidney donation before she will ever have to use her fistula. Please pray that they will find one soon, and spread the news around!!

Katie, their eldest daughter, was diagnosed with the same thing after Samuel. She had a kidney donor and is doing fantastic.

I hope that you won't hesitate to share this with your church family. This is a real need and they need all of the pray that we can give them.


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Decorating..


So last night, my sister Valerie and I decided to get crazy with the decorations. We watched the movie "Henry the V" while decorating wreaths and doing the staircase. Later today, we are going to do the outside. It should be nice. For now, here are some pictures!

I decorated the staircase! It came out quite nicely.

I decorated this wreath.. it's a little messy.. =P

Valerie decorated this wreath. It came out GREAT!!!

I'll get more pics of the porches when they are finished!

'Til then,


Friday, December 12, 2008

An amazing pianist

Ok, this girl is on my online school. She was looking at my profile and asked me to be friends on youtube. Since then, I've been updated on her movies. She plays piano and harp and sings!! Check out some of these videos!

No need to say anything else, eh? She's amazing!


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

So, I haven't posted in a while...

I thought I'd put something on here about what's happening in my life in general. I celebrated my birthday a little over a week ago and it was wonderful. I got lots of gifts from my siblings (being the big sister is AWESOME) and also my parents and grandparents (Thanks you guys!!!). Some of the new things I got are Celtic Thunder and Michael Buble cds, a cute necklace and earrings set (from my little brother), nail polish, a Spanish-English Bible!!!!!!, and a Joshua Harris book. The highlight of the evening was another present I received from my parents: makeup. yup.. Since we were little we girls were told that at 16-years-old we could wear makeup. Well, I guess mom and dad changed their mind. Low and behold, I open a present and there is this cute little handbag. Naturally i thought, "what an AWESOME purse.." but my sister kept on saying, "Lyd, look inside it." And, what d'ya know, there's makeup in there. lol.. yah.

Cake was really awesome. It had roses on it for my name Lydia Rose. Fun fun. and like the week before my birthday, i had planned to have a Southern meal for my birthday... ya know? Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, rolls, mac 'n' cheese, and iced tea (Arizona brand, of course)... the works! So, since my mom didn't have a really good recipe for fried chicken (and didn't want to ruin it with one we'd never tried before), I asked for KFC chicken. yup! and my dad made sure that there was PLENTY of Arizona Iced Tea!! Yay! (I love that stuff)

The night ended on a beautiful note. I looked up into the sky and saw a bunch of stars (a rare sight, considering the factories down the road) and i just had to say how amazing God was to me to give me an amazing family, parents, brothers, and sisters... and friends (congratulations to SarahR who said happy birthday to me FIRST in the student hangout.. lol..). I just can't believe how much he's blessed me, even though i don't deserve one bit of it.

Some other things that have been happening:

Well, yesterday was my first official day on the floor at the hospital. It was great; we are currently working in the skilled nursing unit with the older nursing home residents. I basically hung out with a group of old people, holding one old lady's hand. It was fun!

School continues to bring it's challenges, especially in chemistry.. I'm struggling to keep up the grades. I constantly have to remind myself that I need to do my best, for the glory of God.

I'm getting ready to do my yearly house decorating for Christmas. I usually do the banisters and the porches with garlands and stuff. I'll post pictures as soon as it's done. (If I don't, keep bugging me about it.)

I have two friends, Kim (15) and Sam (13), who have been coming to our youth group with us! They are amazing girls and I'm hoping that they will come to know Christ soon. If you happen to go to our church, please make them feel welcomed and just share with them the warmth that Christ has given us!

Well, I guess that's all from here. I hope to see you all in class or at church or WV or wherever. lol. Until next time, have a great and wonderful evening!


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Graduation from the Level 2 of the Daring To Care Student Program

YAY!!! I made it! FINALLY! yes, and next week, i go on the floor! It's great and I'm very excited. Here are a few pics! enjoy..

For those of you who really know me, you will laugh when I tell you that I was described as the "quiet and serious one" of the class... lol...

My team from left to right: (back) me, Rhyan, Gabbie, Christina, (front) Nikki, and Chelsea

Can't wait to go to work!!