Friday, December 12, 2008

An amazing pianist

Ok, this girl is on my online school. She was looking at my profile and asked me to be friends on youtube. Since then, I've been updated on her movies. She plays piano and harp and sings!! Check out some of these videos!

No need to say anything else, eh? She's amazing!



Bethany said...

hey lydia!!!!

please tell ur friend that i LOVE the song "The Call" in Prince Caspian and i found the video of her playing it and singing it and i love it!!!!!!! so tell her that she is an awesome singer and piano player and boy do i wish i can piano like that!!!! :) ok bye!

Lydia said...

lol.. she's not in one of my classes that i know. lol.. but all of the comments that she gets on youtube basically say the exact same thing you just said. lol.. she IS really good. and did i mention that she's 14 in the first movie, 13 in the second, and i think 14 in the third? yeah.. she's really good!

Alisha said...

haha. there's a reason why she's in an online school!! because, she has absolutely no time whatsoever to have a social life at school, and to have time to sit through classes and do homework...etc. etc. wow! she probably practices all the time! i'm jealous. maybe i should go practice piano right now. yeah, that's what i'm gonna do. wow!

Katherine said...

It's Katherine ;D

Thanks for posting the videos, you're all so nice :)

Lol, Alisha, I must clarify. I really don't practice very much. At least, not as much as I should. I just learn pieces quickly, I guess. In fact I do waste a lot of time chatting with my friends ;)

Lydia said...

Haha... wow.. i miss the comments on my own blog sometimes..

Alisha, meet the pianist- Katherine. =D lol. Yes, Katherine is amazing, but she has plenty of time to make a video blog which i think is SO COOL! <3 kat.

Sharon said...

Yip, she is good. Is she a Christian too?