Sunday, April 5, 2009

With Love, your Savior

The beauty of salvation is love. Salvation is not dependent upon whether we are good enough for it or whether we deserve it. If it did, no one would be saved because "ALL have sinned and fall SHORT of the glory of God". Salvation is not about us. It's about Him. Christ is the only one worthy of the glory of God, but, in His amazing love and mercy, He gave Himself up for us and made the supreme sacrifice for all of our sins. Not just a few of our sins or just a bit of all of them- every single one, fully paid for. We can't reach the standard to have this glory unless we are covered with the blood of Christ. If you have not been covered with the blood of Christ, this is something that MUST be done for eternal life. If you want to partake in the glory that is Christ's, then He must live in you and you in Him. If you don't, God will not pardon you because you did not accept the covering for your sin that Christ offered.

With love, Christ came down from heaven and its glory to walk on this lowly land as a man. With love, Christ made disciples and taught them of God's plan. With love, Christ bore the ridicule of those who did not believe in Him. With love, Christ bore the pain of being beaten, caned, pierced with thorns, spit upon, and mocked. With love, Christ bore the sentence of death for not doing anything wrong. With love, Christ took all of your sins, all of my sins, and all the sins of the rest of the world. With love, Christ paid the price so that we could take part in His glory. With love, Christ hung on the cross. With love, Christ said "It is finished." With love for His Father and His will. With love for us. When did we deserve this love? Our SIN put Christ on that cross and yet He will forgive us? What a wonderful Savior! Don't wait another minute if you have not accepted Christ! Another minute could be too late!

On Thursday, April 9, 2009, we remember the torture that Christ went through for us! On Friday, April 10, 2009, we remember how Christ was nailed to a cross for our sins. On Saturday, April 11, 2009, we remember that Christ was laid in a grave with a big stone rolled over the door. On Sunday, April 12, 2009, we remember that the grave was empty! He arose! And He LIVES!


Nthegeek said...

Great post! So incredibly true, and if it weren't, we'd be DOOOOOMMMED.

Jesus rocks on. :D

Lydia said...

Yes sir! thanks for posting, glad you liked the post.

Kat said...

Awesome, Lydia! I really enjoyed this post. Thanks for reminding us all to remember how important Easter really is.

Lydia said...

I'm so glad that you enjoyed it, Kat! Hopefully, I will have a new post for Easter! =) <3

Mic said...
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Mic said...

I can understand the passion behind this post but I must say, I don't understand the logic of it.

I don't understand why it was necessary for God to send his son to be tortured and crucified for our sins to be forgiven, when God knew the outcome all along.
God, with all his power, could have devised another way of demonstrating his compassion towards we sinners and his need for us to worship him and him alone. Why a blood sacrifice?

Doesn't the resurrection of Christ make the entire torturous episode an empty act? In other words, it wasn't a true laying down of his life. Not a true sacrifice.

I wonder if you've ever asked yourself these or similar questions or perhaps you think it's foolish to question such deep rooted teachings and beliefs within your religion?

Lydia said...

Mic- glad to have you! Sorry, i have not been on the other blog lately, but i'll check it soon.

As for your questions- the wages of sin is death. The only way we could pay for our sins on our own is through dying and going to hell forever- in other words, we can't ever fully pay the penalty for our sins.

Christ- on the other hand- can pay the penalty of our sins in full. It's the only way. He, being fully God, had dominion over death and conquered it. He was the only one who could withstand hell and death. His grace was sufficient for all sins.

Christ truly did lay down his life for a ransom for many. He did die. The difference between Him dying and us dying is that, because he was fully God, He could withstand hell. So, He arose.

When you are saved, you have faith that what you believe is true, and that the Bible is God's word. When you aren't, you question the beliefs in God and deep rooted teachings. This is the truth. Have faith, accept Jesus as your Savior, and live for Him because He died for you! You will have the promise of forgiveness and everlasting life in heaven partaking of the glories of Christ.

Thanks for posting, Mic. Nice to see you on the blog.

Andrew said...

Your questions are completely valid.

In the Old Testament, the only thing that could atone for sin was the sacrifice of a perfect lamb. God sent Jesus into the world to be that lamb, and to be sacrificed for our sins. I have asked myself the same thing as you asked- was there any other way God could have atoned our sins? Evidently there was no better way, as can be seen by Luke 22:42, where Jesus says "Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me", speaking of the suffering he had to go through. I believe that God did what he did to show the utter extravagance of his love- his head-over-heels star-crossed unconditional love.

You ask, "Doesn't the resurrection of Christ make the entire torturous episode an empty act?" The answer is: absolutely not! Even though Christ was resurrected, he still endured the suffering- but more than that, he endured utter loneliness and separation on the cross. I cannot imagine how horrible that moment must have been for him.

I hope that, in addition to what Lydia said, answers some of your questions!

And Lydia, glad your finally posting again!


Lydia said...

Andrew! So glad to have you!! I miss you all from class! I'm coming home tomorrow though. =)

And I totally agree with everything you just said, Andrew. Couldn't have said it better myself!! =D


Kat said...
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Brandon Royston said...

Hi its Brandon I have the reformed teens blog, I actually moved it to this site because it is so much easier to use. Great post keep it up.