Friday, September 25, 2009

What have we become?

After watching this movie, please read the following:

Exodus 20:3 "Thou shalt have no other gods before me."

Psalm 149:1 "Praise the Lord. Sing to the Lord a new song, and His praise in the congragation of the godly ones."

Barack Obama has become an idol in the minds of many Americans. Some people believe that he has made society better already (in less than a year of office). They can't believe why one would be opposed to his leadership. Has he REALLY benefitted the country? I'm not saying that he won't do something great for our country. But has done anything yet? He's said quite a few speeches about what he wants to do. People have been almost brainwashed by him. Now we have young children being taught to praise President Obama through song. They are putting Obama in the place of Christ. Will our coins begin to say "In Obama we trust" instead of "In God we trust"? Will our hymns be turned from "Jesus saves" to "Obama saves"? I would like to doubt these possibilities. But I cannot doubt that the minds of Americans will be changed from that of "God is holy" to "Obama is holy". Not only is America forsaking its history and founding, but it's forsaking our God. What have we become? Recall World War II. Hitler's Youth paraded the streets singing Hitler's praises and asking other children to "convert" to Hitler. It was as if Hitler had become a religion. Will that happen to our country? I don't know. I certainly pray not. We have become a self-indulgent people. We are so happy with ourselves and our choices and even our ability to choose, that we forget to choose truth. Will America wake up from this happy slumber of self-gratification? Or will it continue to dream beyond reality and be ruined by crushed visions?

Please join me in praying for our government and our President. We need to be thinking seriously about the well-being of the souls who are making the life-changing decisions for Americans. It is all we can do while submitting to our authorities.


Nthegeek said...

Well written. Obama seems to have convinced people that he has made society better, yet the economy is no better (perhaps worse), people are loosing their homes (often because of over-taxation), more soldiers have been sent to fight a pointless war, and now he wants to make an awful health care plan which is Marxist in philosophy.

People on welfare don't care; they get everything they need for free, even though they can work.

Anyways, nice post!

Lydia said...

Thanks for posting, Nathaniel. Your comment makes a lot of sense. Marxist is the term i was looking for the whole time i was writing this post.


April said...

I think just by being elected president, Obama has made great strides in helping to mend great hurt in this country. Will he being president end racism, of course not, but it is a giant step in the right direction. For this, I think he has made a difference.

Nthegeek...I think that generalizing all people on welfare as "not caring" is naive on your part. It is needed legitimately by many people. Unfortunately it is also abused by many people but for those who need it and use it right, it is a lifesaver in a low point in their lives.

Lydia, your blog has such a positive wonderful feel. You have great things to contribute to this world. Keep it up!

Lydia said...

Thank you for posting, April. I always love to hear from my readers, especially new ones! I understand perfectly where you are coming from.

Thanks for coming and I hope that you come back and continue reading!