Monday, September 8, 2008

CBD Booksale!!!

Yeah, so on Saturday was the CBD booksale in Peabody, Mass. There was a little group from my church going, so, I joined in. It was really awesome. In order to get there at a good time, we had to leave the area by 4:05am. So, I was awake at 2:45am. Mmmmhmmm.... =P Yeah, my mom's friend, Mrs. Clogston, picked me up on her way out. Our group was:

Pastor Johnson
Dave Burch
Heather Lambert
Mrs. Clogston
and ME! =)
We went in a Windstar mini-van. The way down was great, but the way back, with all of the books we got, it was crazy. My pastor is CRAZY (sorry, man, but you are... lol... JK) and we got AT LEAST 25 Macarthur Study Bibles, and AT LEAST 200 other books for our church... told ya he was crazy.. you'd think our whole church needed to be converted... lol. That whole time, Heather and I were forced to pull the heavy luggage and transfer the books from Mr. Johnson to our bags.. and we had to keep up with him... and I thought he was JOKING when he said, "If you come, I'll look for the books you want, IF you carry books for me..."... HA!
In the midst of this forced labor (you'd think he'd preached enough on loving one another to do it himself... lol... jk), I did get a chance to find some REALLY good deals. I bought two novels, two Bibles, two cds (one had a DVD with it), and a purse with a matching new testament inside. ALL for under $20.00.. (I did spend $3.00 extra for one of the Bibles to be imprinted.)
Afterwards, on our way back, we dropped by Cracker Barrel (a rare thing in my neck of the woods) and we had lunch. It was a great time of fellowshiping together and having some good laughs and singing a song or two in the car... =) That's how you make memories... lol... oh, and the deals were GREAT!
Here are some pictures that I took while on the trip.

Waiting for Mrs. Clogston:

In the car:


^^Left to Right: Heather, Mrs. Clogston, Me^^

At Cracker Barrel:

^^Pastor Johnson: "You are interupting my meal."^^

^^Pastor Johnson: Definately digging in^^


Anna said...

Lydia, I particularly love the picture of you with your finger on your lip, as this is the pose that seems to be standard for the back of every wretched "teen" magazine out there.. the "Am I stupid or am I cute, am I stupid or am i cute look." Too funny!
I am glad you had such a good time at the CBD book sale and I am thankful to have friends that are such pleasant & edifying company for you.
PS That is, except for Mrs. Clogston. I hope you witnessed to her. HAHA

Bethany said...

Those are some funny pictures! :) hahaha It sounds like you had a good time. :)

Avary said...

So, did Craig have the Famous Chicken n' Dumplins'?

Reminiscent of the trips that Phillip made with him to CBD, aww...

Lydia said...

nope, he had a breakfast combo thing.. and he ate two ppls' "bowl of gluten" (aka. biscuits and gravy).. and my coleslaw (I hate coleslaw) … that was funny. Yeah, he was kind of thinkin’, “A camera at the dinner table; how ungodly can she get?”

yeah, I'm hoping to go to the next one, now that I know what it's like! =D