Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sarah Palin Dropped By!!!! AHHH!!!

Ok, guys, seriousness please.. Sarah Plain dropped by and posed for a photoshoot at OUR HOUSE!!! (crazy huh??) Unfortunately, I didn't get to see it.. Only the pictures. (bummer). So, enjoy the pics. She is REALLY good at multi-tasking.

Can't mess with Sarah's plans.

She is absolutely determined.

Every now and then, she gets away from the kids for "me-time".

She even folds the national laundry.


Anna said...

Lydia. I absolutely LOVE THIS. You did an awesome job.
PS I would vote for you any day ;)

Caroline said...

Hey Lydia,

Sorry, I know you don't really know me, but I'm CarolineT, from TPS. =) The pictures are great! lol, it took me a second to figure out who it was, since I knew in all probability it wasn't Sarah Palin. =P Your blog is really neat by the way. I have read a couple of posts over the quarter... I need to keep up with it weekly! Hope you are having a good day!

Your sister in Christ,

Bethany said...

Hummmmm..... Sarah Palin sure looks like a Thorburn. :) Are you cousins????? :)