Saturday, November 8, 2008

Dr. Wile

Hey guys,

So the awesomest thing happened on Wednesday morning.... The author of a whole bunch of our science books subbed for my chemistry class!! Yeah, so Mr Hughes (my teacher) went away to watch is daughter play volleyball at some big games this past week. So, Dr. Wile subbed for all his classes. HE IS HILARIOUS, let me just tell you that. And another thing, his laugh is CONTAGIOUS. It's so funny.

Anyway, yeah, I was really thrilled and he was really awesome.

Anyone remember when the Colts won the superbowl? Ever wonder what was going on in the stands? Check out this movie (of Dr. Wile) in the stands of the stadium. =D I love it and can't stop watching it.. lol.

So yeah, i hope you enjoyed and please comment. lol.



Anna said...

Dear Lydia.
He is a TOTAL RIOT! I really like him. Any guy w/a gut like that that feels comfortable dancing and jumping around in front of a camera.. is a kindred spirit. :)
I love your blog; good job!

Alisha said...

he reminds me of my history teacher, Mr. Jones!
He will dance like that in class all the time!! =) not only dance, but sing...and sometimes use our names in the songs. he's hilarious!
very funny!!

Bethany said...

hahaha I LOVED the video! And I like reading ur blog I just don't always comment. :) Bye Lydia!!!!!!

Isaac, the masterofweirdness said...

Dr. Wile is awesome. I met him when he went with TPS to Thailand.

Hilary Hughes said...

Dr Wile!!! <3
lol i love the video lyd. My dad is in the upper right in the baseball hat (sometimes blocked)

And I bet he's SO happy I told you =P

glad u had a fun class

Hilary Hughes said...

And that wasn't the Superbowl- it was the AFC championship game.

Dr. Wile dances like that for Every touchdown =D amazing

every time i went he didn't go though :( i wish i could've been there

Lydia said...

LOL... yeah, I saw him... he doesn't seem as enthusiastic.. as Dr. WIle. But that's so funny!

Oh, it wasn't the superbowl? hmm... lol.. I guess ppl will have to figure it out...


Philiosa said...

Not THE Jay L. have no idea how much I make fun of that guy. But that is actually pretty sweet. And you didn't like shoot him or anything? Because I might have...

Lydia said...

DID YA NOTICE THAT??????? (sry ppl... inside joke)... It's like DUH!!!! lol.. He belongs in the DANCE HALL..

ok, i'm done remembering last night..

no, i would NEVER shoot mr. wile because he's sooo awesoem, but you wouldn't know that... right? lol *ducks*

And, yes, it is THE Dr. Jay L. Wile. you have to admit you didn't believe me until you saw the movie, huh?

well, cya...