Monday, November 17, 2008

Music Time

Hey guys and gals,

So, what's up? Nothing much here. Can't wait for Thanksgiving break and it's gonna be so fun.

Lately I've been doing a lot of music stuff. First, I've been teaching myself guitar chords. So far so good. Takes a while but my fingers are getting used to it gradually. Second, I've been writing songs lately too. I've been writing lyrics and I have a friend who's trying to write the guitar chords for them as well. My first song, called "Made for You", is almost completely finished. I have the lyrics copyrighted and i've figured out most of the piano. It sounds pretty good except for the fact that my piano needs to be tuned... Here are the lyrics and if you have any comments please post them:

Made for You © November 13, 2008

1.Fear not
For I am with you
Be not dismayed
I am your God
I will strengthen you
Yes, I will help you
I will hold you with my righteous hand

God, I love you
You have given me everything
And I wanna live my life for you
I want to glorify your name
I want to glorify your name

2.Though I’m
Just like dust
Compared to you
In all you do
And I will try to live
According to your word
In all of your truth


3.So now
I’m in your light
Clothed in you
Made for you
So now I know I will
Be yours forever
Throughout eternity

Refrain x2
Verse 1

And yes, the copyright is actually existent; I copyrighted it so you can't say it's yours. It's going pretty well.

I've also been gradually learning a song for my friend. It's a spanish song and she wants to sing to it when I can play it well. It'll be fun.

So, listening to music is cool too. My friend, Alisha, posted on her blog about the Celtic Thunder band that is out. It's SO amazing so I encourage you to look them up. Heartland is THE best song. And Damian has an amazing voice for someone who looks so little.

This is not about music, but I've also been making a dress for those of you who don't know. It's almost done. It's an empire waist dress and it's coming along beautifully. All I have to do is hem the bottom, finish the sleeves, do a few little odds and ends, and lace a few places. I'm so happy it's almost done. I'll put pics up when it happens. lol.

Well, this post draws to a close. I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving break and have a LOT of good food and fun with friends on your holiday! I'll be seeing ya.



Philiosa said...

I like it! (the song, that is)
so how long has this guitar teching been going on, eh? that's pretty cool, guitar is wicked fun to play...

Have a good Thanksgiving and I hope the downstairs floors come out exeptionaly nice.


Lydia said...

Thanks very much, philip...

i've been teaching myself since like last Monday. So less than a week. it's fun. I like it. it's just transitioning... blech.. hard hard.

yes, and thanks for the invitation to come to your house (even though you WON'T be there) lol..

thanks for posting..


Sydney :) said...

beautiful song Lyd!

Isaac, the masterofweirdness said...

Music... I looked up Celtic Thunder on Wiki... meh... sounds somewhat interesting. Personally, I want Nightwish to do more "The Islander" esque songs. That song was epic.

But in terms of what music I actually like... Power Metal is the most amazing form of music ever invented. I need more powermetal.