Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Healthy Heart

When I was working at CGN this year, my youth pastor (also the camp staff pastor) preached on the heart. Here is a great little list that he made using Matthew 5 that determines what a healthy heart is. Thought I'd share it with ya'll :)

a. Poor in spirit (I need God)
b. Mournful over sin (I am not good on my own)
c. Meek (I am willing to do what God wants)
d. Hungering and thirsting after righteousness (I long to do what is right)
e. Merciful (I want to help those in need)
f. Pure (I will not tolerate inconsistency)
g. Peacemaking (I will not tolerate contention)
h. Sacrificial (I am willing to do what is right even if I suffer)


Nathaniel M said...

Interesting - definitely very good things to strive for. Also definitely things that I need some work on :/

Lydia said...

I think that makes... um.. all of us :D

Nathaniel M said...

Haha, very true. After all, the law's purpose is to show our complete and utter need for Jesus!