Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Close your eyes...

Ever thought about what the phrase, "Walk by faith and not by sight," means? I particularly like the part about "not by sight." I like to think about that literally for my spiritual life. Sometimes I'm so ready to plan my own life and the steps I will take that I forget to trust God. I am not perfect. So, my choices, if I'm making them apart from God, won't be perfect. Therefore, my steps won't be perfect and I'll fall. But Christ is perfect. If I let Him guide my steps in the path of righteousness, my ways will be perfect.

Have any of you done a ropes course or trust exercise (sometimes known as "team-building activity")? Well, sometimes, people have to pick you up and put you through spaces in tires or guide you along a wooded trail without touching you. I don't know about you, but it's hard to trust someone to take your life and well-being into their hands.

When I think about my spiritual life, I see how sometimes I can say that I'm trusting God, but I'm still watching what else I could be doing, and even though I am letting God direct my steps, I trip over other things like pride, hurt, hatred, frustration, etc. I wouldn't call it "blind faith," but I think that making sure I'm not comparing what I'm doing to what I could be doing is like closing my eyes. I want to live for God and I want to walk in the steps of righteousness, but I've noticed that if I'm allowing myself to be distracted by all the sin and temptations around me, I trip up.

So now I pray that God would take His hand
And cover my eyes and make me rest in Him.
I pray that He will direct my steps
So I will not stumble
And make the temptations dim;
So all I can see is His glory
Etched in His crucified palm.
And I'll be forced to reflect on His glory
And dwell on the things of above.

"A man's heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps." (Proverbs 16:9)


Nathaniel M said...

Nice post... it is difficult to go by someone-else's instructions, especially one who you cannot physically feel or verbally hear... I know that I have trouble hearing God's instructions, so I generally just got by what seems logical... Any tips on hearing what God has to say?

Lydia said...

haha.. well I can't really give you "tips," but I know that that sometimes frustrates me too. I know that reading the Word *every single day* is crucial to knowing what God's instructions are. Also, definitely *praying* about *everything.* Not just the things you think of and the "please be with so and so."... laying out every thing before him.

Another thing I've noticed in my life is that I need to have an open heart to hear what God has to say... i have to literally ask God, "Ok, what do you want me to hear and understand today?" Sometimes he doesn't reveal it in scripture, and it doesn't even come to mind by praying... sometimes, i see it on a bumper sticker while walking home from school, and whatever it says provokes certain thoughts that teach me something about God and what he wants me to do...

that's what helps me to understand God's instructions for me.. it may be different for you... but that's what helps me. :)

Andrew said...

This is just a small thing, but I would say that rather than closing our eyes, we want to keep them on God- like Peter when he walked on water. We want to be in a place where we can get God's perspective on things- we're called to be his friend, not a blind servant.

Nathaniel M said...

Sounds good, thanks :)