Monday, August 4, 2008


Hidden Pearls

By Abbie Benton Bonsteel

A great book for pre-teen and teenage girls! This book is about keeping your purity as you go through the years before you are married.

It starts out talking about a young girl, Marcia, and a present that is given to her from her father: a wedding dress. She was probably about 12 or 13 years old when this gift was presented to her with this little note:
"For your wedding dress, my daughter. And on that day may your heart and
life be as beautiful and pure as is this gift today."

When she received it, she was determined, with God's help, to try to be as spotless as the wedding dress.

Throughout her life, when she would be tempted to do something inappropriate or impure, she would walk to her room, open the trunk that held her dress, and pray. This dress kind of became her friend with whom she could talk about anything.

When she was of the college age, she realized that she loved her childhood playmate, Tom. She missed him terribly when she and him were sent to different colleges. But at one piont during the year, Marcia's college had a party, inviting the students at Tom's college, which was not far away. Tom was coming! To Marcia, that was the best thing that could ever happen to her. She was very excited and her mother sent her a beautiful dress, not extravagent, but simple and becoming. She looked forward to the night of the party.

But, of course, every story has a problem. Marcia's problem was that this party was going to be dancing. She didn't hear of it until a few days before the party and when she did, she knew that she couldn't go. She knew that if she was at a dancing party, it would cause her to stumble into impurity. For Marcia, dancing was something that couldn't be done until marriage. You can only imagine how upset Marcia was. Now, she wouldn't be able to see Tom. In her mind, Marcia made excuses. "I'll go to the party, but I won't dance," or "It'll only be with Tom." But, her wedding dress wouldn't let her. As she was making these excuses, the wedding dress didn't look as bright as it used to. Marcia got up and started on her way to the party, even though she felt it was wrong in her heart. Then, on her way, she remembered that she had forgotten to lock the trunk that contained the wedding dress. She retraced her steps quickly. When she saw her elements of purity, she broke down crying. She didn't want to listen to her conscience, but she knew she had to.

This is where I'll stop. The rest of the book is for you to discover. It is probably one of the best books I have ever read in my life (and that's a LOT of books). If you ever want to borrow it, just let me know. Otherwise, I think you can find it really cheap online.

I really encourage everyone (even guys) to read it, but especially girls, because I know that in our culture, all we ever think about is how to get guys to notice us.




Craig Johnson said...

Lydia, what do you think about dancing?

Craig Johnson said...

Ummm...not with me. I mean, do you think dancing is good or evil or both?

Lydia said...

My mom makes us dance 3 hours a day to hard rock music without stopping... so yeah we have no problem with dancing. lol... jk.

I think that it depends on the heart of the situation... and the person and why you are dancing. if the reason for dancing is to be impure, then i think that it's wrong...

David (in the Bible) danced to praise God, and God was pleased so I think that there are times when dancing is actually godly.

I think that in this book, if Marcia thinks that dancing is a sin, then it is a sin for her.

I've only danced one night in my life (with ppl outside of my family) and it was square dancing when i was young... and I don't know when I will ever have a chance to dance unless it's at someone's wedding... LOL.

Anna said...

I think this book is ok and I remember being really excited about it 14 years ago when you were a baby and Mrs. Hendry sent it to me. However, it's not perfect by a long shot :)...just good to start discussions maybe.. It's too long to write it in a comment but some questions you can ask yourself are:
1) what is Marcia's ultimate motivation for staying "pure" till marriage?
2) from where did her strength come when she was struggling, do you think?
3) Is Marcia's ultimate goal to arrive on her wedding night sexually pure? Do you think she made it? This is a trick question. :-]
I haven't read the book in.. uh... 14 years. But these are some of my questions. Thank you for bringing up the book again. It is funny how things look different to me now, than when you were a baby. I am thankful that God continues to use things.. even imperfect things.. :) to spur us on. That book spurred me on when you were a baby in one way, and now it spurs me on in a whole different way. "But I speak mysteriously.. " LOL LOVE YOU, MOM

Craig Johnson said...

Lydia, Sounds like your mom is legalistic. You should talk to her about that. She should read Who Are You to Judge?: The Dangers of Judging and Legalism by Dave Swavely. Can you get that book for her?

It's just that making someone dance for 3 hours without stopping is going way overboard. Sure, David danced to praise God...and I'm sure he danced to hard rock music too, but there is no proof whatsoever that he danced for 3 hours. Even if he did do it for 3 hours, he probably stopped for a break or two.

Christ's yoke is easy and His burden is light.

On the other hand, your mom does ask some good, thought-provoking questions about Marcia. I guess I'll cut your mom some slack...a little.

Lydia said...

heh heh... can't wait for her to see that comment.

Anna said...

what nonsense goes on behind my back!!!!
lol, anna