Monday, August 4, 2008


Welcome to my blog! I'm so glad that you decided to stop by and I hope that you will come by often. What will you find on here: anything! It could be pictures from a trip to Pennsylvania, or it could be a recommendation to some restaurant. Whatever it may be, I hope that you will enjoy it.

Remember that our lives were created for the glory and delight of God our Father.

With love to each and every one of you,


^My Family^


Craig Johnson said...

I love the family picture.

Bethany said...

YAY!!! Another friend with a blog! :)

Tricia said...


These are your friends from Canadia and Jennifer. Hi.

Loved the family pic and enjoyed reading what you posted.

Becca like the weird hair styles...yeah.

'Twas nice meeting you at family camp and perhaps we shall see you next year!

-Jenn, Becca, and Emily
ps... way for us to be the longest comment ever tee hee (emily)