Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Hey there,

You're probably thinking: "School??? Don't even say that; it's summer, Lydia." I know, but for some reason, with getting ready for school and stuff, I seem to look forward to it. To be sure, my school gets REALLY tough especially around April-May when I just want to be DONE. But right now, I'm looking forward to it. Last week, my mom went to the store and came back with a big bin full of school stuff she found for like 50 cents each thing at Wal-mart (that's a first, right?)... She bought crayons, scissors, highlighters, and PAPER (my favorite school supply since I use it like CRAZY)... Even though i'm not going to be using some of that stuff, it still made me get excited about the stucture and drill of the school year. Lately, since we are going on vacation soon, my mom's been getting our schedule and school stuff all situated. So far, we are getting up early and finishing school around 2 pm (which is really good) and that includes our classes and homework. Yipee!!!!!!!! My classes are Geometry (yuck), Chemistry, Spanish 2 (uh oh), and World Views which encompasses literature, history, social science, etc. (hmmmm... idk how I feel about that). Anyway. That will be a lot of homework and World Views is the worst... you would not believe how many books we are reading in one year (and they aren't the most amusing books ever either). I think that, if I REALLY try to do my best, I can make it amusing though. I mean, when I read an informative, but boring, book, I usually read and explain it to myself (concealed in my room of course). If I let you in on my study world you would hear something like this: "So, that means that, in order to choose a president, they have to..." yeah... I'm weird. Math's weirder (that's a word right?)... I say things like "well, it can't be A because x has to = y, and B is out of the question... so it must be C because y=x and x=3.." That's me!

Anywho, I just wanted to blab about something, so I could put a post up.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to finish a Shirley Temple movie with my siblings. =D




Craig Johnson said...

How many books do you read for the world views class?

Lydia said...

18 books, 14 audio books...

I hadn't even counted them before that.


Craig Johnson said...

18. That's not very much. How do you expect to understand the views of the whole world with only 18 books? Of course...the audio books should help. Okay. Nevermind.

Can you tell me the book titles? Or, maybe the few most exciting ones?

Lydia said...

most of them are boring though... so that kind of adds to them...

Paradise Lost & Paradise Regained by Milton

The federalist Papers
The Anti-federalist papers
The institutes of Christian Religion by Calvin
The Patriot's Handbook by George Grant
The Soul of Science: Christian Faith and Natural Philososhy by Pearcey and thaxton

those are a few of them...

Bethany said...

I just started school today. Sort of YAY and sort of YUCK! :)