Thursday, August 28, 2008


School is FINALLY here!! YAY!! (and no, I don't read with a whole bunch of books in my arms.



Bethany said...

I am taking spanish 2 too!!!! :) but you already knew that! :)

hilary said...

hey lyd! sorry you have my dad lol
do you have gmail? if you do maybe we can chat sometime. oh and guess what? Alan stopped for a visit when they were driving to college. And we didn't debate once! :O
Lol remember us all last year? good times :)

Lydia said...

yeah... that was fun... yeah, alan told me... he was emailing me last week... lol..

no I don't have gmail... *sniff*...

i'll catch you later... and I'm not sorry that I have your dad.. lol.

Hilary Hughes said...

ok so i finally got a blog Lydia-

there you go : )

Isaac, the masterofweirdness said...

lol... nice pic..

You look like one of my sister's friends in it... lol