Thursday, August 14, 2008

Camp Susque

Every year, for about 10 years, my family and I have taken our little van and a WHOLE BUNCH of stuff down to Pennsylvania for Family Camp. By the number of times we've been there, you can tell that we are the biggest fans of Camp Susque (which, btw, is pronounced "sus kuah"). My mom went there as a kid and I've gone since I was 4. In a few days, we'll be on the road again for our 7-8 hour drive back to that place that we look forward to every year! WOOHOO! Since I'm going to try to put a post on here every day while I'm there, I thought that perhaps I should tell you about it.

Camp Susque is not a normal camp. Almost everybody knows almost everybody... but of course, there are the inexperienced newbies that we show around. There's a great camp crew that makes meals for those who buy a meal pass and take care of the grounds and the pool... yes, there's a pool. A very nice one, I might add. We all stay in different cabins or platform tents. Some people even stay in their own campers. The cabins and platform tents have their own bunk-bed cots. There are 3 cabins that have electricity, and we get one of them (because we don't actually camp).

Family Camp is completely unscheduled. The only times that are enforced are wake up time, pool time, chapel, evening service, and lights out (which is like midnight). Chapel is about 30 minutes of a quick devotional and singing. Evening service is an hour long done by a pastor who is invited to preach for the week. A lot of times, we have John Reissinger, a pastor and author of many books. It's pretty sweet.

Most of the time, there are activities in which you can take part like pottery, rocketry, ropes course, crafts, canoeing, etc. They also play this game all week with a wooden duck. The first day, the duck is hidden by a person who works there. Then, at chapel, we hear a clue and everybody tries to find it. The person who finds it hides it and gives a clue. And it goes on and on for the week. Pretty awesome!

On Friday or Thursday, we have a talent/skit show... it can be really funny and then really weepy. Most of the people there are VERY talented.

We had a great time last year and were very sad to leave. I CANNOT wait until we get on the road... I even enjoy the long trip! I'm thinking of bringing a portable radio, sewing (I'm making a dress), books, and writing. It'll be fun.

So, hope you liked learning about it. I'm going to try to take LOTS of pics and put some on everyday.

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Anna said...

Hi Lydia. I am packing :^)



Lydia said...

cool... I've been packed! =D na nanee na na... JKJKJKJK!